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10 Best Cars Sorted By Class To Buy or Lease Now

You are probably aware of it, but so far, 2020 didn't turn out to be a very good year. The well-known and much-publicized global pandemic not only affected the lives of millions of people but also slowed the economy and brought the world to the brink of recession. However, That being said, we will tell you more about the ten best cars you should buy NOW!

Best Minivan: Chrysler Pacifica

Even though the minivans lost the battle for supremacy on the family car market to SUVs, some buyers still look for comfort and space only a minivan could offer. For those kinds of customers, Chrysler Pacifica is a perfect choice. Starting at $31,609 ($369 per month/36 months lease), Pacifica is not only affordable but well-equipped, comfortable, and spacious. Available with an optional hybrid power train, an all-wheel-drive system, and the latest in infotainment technology, this Mopar minivan continues the tradition of dependable family transport started back in the early '80s. Check your area`s availability on incentives here.

Best Compact SUV: Mazda CX-5

The compact SUV market is very competitive nowadays, and all manufacturers try to offer the most in terms of space and features for an affordable price. However, amongst dozens of models in this segment, Mazda CX-5 manages to provide all that and more because CX-5 is an elegant machine with an upscale appearance and excellent driving dynamics. According to the automotive press and numerous reviews, CX-5 is genuinely nice to drive and with an optional 250 hp turbocharged engine, quite swift, too. Prices start at $25,109, and you can lease it for $239 per month. Check your area`s availability on incentives here.

Best Compact Sedan: Honda Civic

The compact sedan segment is still relevant even though it is abandoned by almost all domestic manufactures and under heavy attack from SUVs. However, the classic four-door sedan concept can still offer much in terms of ride quality, comfort and practicality, as the 2020 Honda Civic shows. Powered by rev-happy four-cylinder engines and starting at $21,605 ($189 per month lease), Civic is much more than just a commuter car. It is a well-engineered four-door with the exceptional build quality at an affordable price. Check your area`s availability on incentives here.

Best Sports Car: Ford Mustang

Although the 2020 Corvette C8 is the hottest sports car of the year, we feel that the Mustang is the better choice for the average enthusiast. Not only for its low starting price (MSRP $26,670/$320 monthly lease) but its wide arrange of versions, engines, transmissions, and optional equipment. You can spec your Mustang as an ordinary two-door coupe (base 2.3-liter EcoBoost or V6), or you can have it as a fire-breathing street warrior (GT350/GT500); the choice is yours. Either way, you will get great value for your money and an iconic car in your driveway. Check your area`s availability on incentives here.

Best Mid-Size SUV: Kia Telluride

The mid-size SUV market is where the battle is at. It is incredibly competitive, and every car company wants a piece of the action. However, for 2020, the Kia Telluride comes out on top as a clear winner considering all key aspects. It looks fantastic, has upscale features, 291 hp V6 engine, a long list of options, and an affordable price. The brand new Telluride costs $31,900 MSRP, and you can lease it for $469 per month. Of course, the Telluride wouldn't be the best if it didn't provide its owners with exceptional driving dynamics and comfort. Check your area`s availability on incentives here.

Best Roadster: Mazda Miata

This isn't surprising since, for the last three decades, Miata repeatedly offered the most driving pleasure and best “fun per dollar” ratio. This is true today, as it was in 1989 when Mazda first showed the little roadster. It is very affordable with a base price of $26,580 ($279 per month lease) compared to some European models. In fact, it is a perfect fun car since you can drive it as your daily, it is inexpensive to run and maintain, and it will put the smile on your face every time you sit behind the wheel. Check your area`s availability on incentives here.

Best Luxury Sedan: Audi A6

Basically, the German manufacturers dominate the luxury sedan market, and for 2020, Audi came on top with its sublime A6 sedan. It is filled with luxury and the latest technology, equipped with a signature Quattro four-wheel-drive system and high-quality interior, the current A6 all you expect from a prestigious four-door. In its S6 version with 444 hp, it is quite fast, as well. The prices start at $54,000, and you can lease it from $529 per month. Check your area`s availability on incentives here.

Best Full-Size SUV: Ford Expedition

Even though there are fewer models in the full-size SUV class, the battle between the manufacturers is still very fierce. Those vehicles are the ultimate people carriers that can climb the mountains, tow trailers, cruise the highways, and still look elegant enough for a night on the town. For the 2020 model year, we feel that the Ford Expedition has managed to tick all the boxes and excelled in every category. It is not cheap at just under $50,000, but it offers the most to its customers. Check your area`s availability on incentives here.

Best Pickup Truck: Ram 1500

Since the full-size truck segment is one of the best selling classes on the American market, it is easy to see why manufacturers invest so much in pickups. The battle between Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge has been going for ages, and currently, the Ram 1500 is the best one you can get. The wide arrange of options, capable drive train, cool design as well as very comfortable and well-built interior made it No1 at the moment. The prices start at $33,840, but it can go up to a whopping $70,000 depending on options. Check your area`s availability on incentives here.

Best Electric Vehicle: Tesla Model S

When Model S was first released back in 2012, electric vehicles were considered just automotive gimmick. Today, they are rising stars of the automotive world and the vision of a zero-emission future. Although there are many new models, we feel that the current Tesla Model S is still the best available. Simply, Model S offers the longest range (up to 402 miles), impeccable comfort and features, and not to forget impressive performance. Yes, it is pricey, at $74,000 MSRP ($921 monthly lease), but it is worth it. Check your area`s availability on incentives here.


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