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September`s Best Auto Lease Deals

September is always a good month for car shoppers. It is the end of the current model year, so it means that you will be able to get a great deal on outgoing models or maybe even be the first in line for brand new, next year`s cars. The outbreak of COVID-19 and global lock down forced manufacturers and dealers to offer numerous discounts and initiatives in order to revive the car market. This means that September 2020 is the right time to buy yourself a new set of wheels. 

We have already covered the best affordable cars , but today we will tell you more about the best lease deals in September 2020. We concentrated on the vehicles you can lease for around $200 per month, and we believe you`ll be surprised how many cool cars you can get. As always, we suggest you read the fine print and consult with a professional before signing the papers. Please, note that the monthly lease can vary depending on your location. Also, if you find any of those deals tempting, you better hurry up since most of them will only last until the end of September. 

Best Deal Tip: As with all deals, buying or leasing, terms and inventory are subject to your regional / local dealer inventory. Check your area by entering your zip code info now at .

Mazda 3

The current Mazda 3 is regarded as one of the most accomplished cars offered on sale today. It is affordable, small, with composed handling and steering and an optional turbocharged engine. If you in a market for such a vehicle, you cannot go wrong with this model. The September leas deal for Mazda 3 includes $2,499 at signing and $179 per month. If you already own a Mazda vehicle, you are eligible for a $750 discount, which is good to know. The mileage limit is 12,000 miles per year. Check your area`s availability on incentives here.

Toyota Camry 

The undisputed king of the mid-size sedan class, Toyota Camry is one of the cars we suggest you lease in September. The comfortable, well-engineered, well-equipped Camry with a wide range of engines and optional extras can be yours for just $2,999 at signing and $179 per month. Since Toyota is offering Camry with a hybrid drive train, it is essential to mention that those models are also available for lease with the monthly prices just $10 higher than regular models. Check your area`s availability on incentives here.

Jeep Renegade

Jeep Renegade is a popular compact SUV with Italian DNA and American looks. The base models are only front-wheel-drive and not exactly suited for anything less than perfectly paved roads. However, for $3,799 at signing and $192 monthly payment, you can get yourself a brand new Jeep Renegade with a 4x4 drive train and Latitude trim package. This car will make weekend camping trips possible and also be a dependable commuter car. Check your area`s availability on incentives here.

Hyundai Elantra

We have already mentioned Elantra in our “Best Affordable Cars to Buy This Fall” article. Despite being an economy model, this is an accomplished sedan with good standard features and a long list of optional extras. With 2.0-liter, 147 hp four-cylinder is reasonably powerful and suited for everyday use. You can park it in your driveway for just $2,299 at signing and a $189 monthly lease payment. Check your area`s availability on incentives here.

 Jeep Gladiator

After decades of offering the Wrangler in only one body style, Jeep first introduced Unlimited and then, much anticipated, Gladiator. The Gladiator provides the best of both worlds, toughness and off-road usability of the Wrangler with four-doors and reasonably spacious interior of the SUV with the truck bed and practicality of a pickup. Knowing all of that, it is easy to see why the monthly payment of just $209 with 2,879 due at signing makes Jeep Gladiator such a phenomenal deal. Check your area`s availability on incentives here.

Mini Cooper

For people looking to get a small but stylish and upscale commuter car, September of 2020 is the perfect time to lease a brand new Mini Cooper. With a modern three-cylinder turbocharged engine and 134 hp, it has adequate power for all your daily needs. Of course, you cannot expect a big trunk or enormous interior space, but all of that is forgotten when you see how easy it is to park it and how quickly it moves through rush hour traffic. The monthly payment is $199, and $2,999 is due at signing. Check your area`s availability on incentives here.

Hyundai Kona

Looking to lease a compact SUV with cool features, a solid amount of interior room, dependable mechanics, and sporty appearance? With standard 2.0-liter four-cylinder and automatic transmission, Kona is perfect for everyday family duties. If you need more luxury or infotainment options, you can always opt for a higher trim level, but the base Kona is available for lease at just $169 per month and $3,429 at signing. Check your area`s availability on incentives here.

Nissan Leaf

For those who are into the electric vehicle revolution, the choice of affordable lease plans is relatively limited. However, Nissan offers Leaf for $163 per month and $2,999 at signing. If you expect Tesla Model S levels of performance and range, you will be disappointed since Leaf is nowhere near as fast and capable. But for everyday urban driving and the daily commute, this is a perfect electric vehicle. Check your area`s availability on incentives here.

Toyota 4Runner

It is fantastic that you can lease Toyota 4Runner for just $199 per month ($3,489 at signing) since it is one of the best off-road SUVs you can get. With a powerful V6 engine, robust suspension components, strong chassis, and stability systems, it is one of the cars you can cross the desert with. If you are an off-road fan, you should hurry up. Check your area`s availability on incentives here.

Dodge Durango

At $269 per month, Durango is more expensive than the rest of the cars on our list. However, it is one of the most affordable, full-size SUVs with all-wheel-drive and third-row seating. This means that if you want a big family hauler, you should visit the Dodge dealership before the September initiatives end since this is an excellent deal. Check your area`s availability on incentives here.

***As with all deals, buying or leasing, terms and inventory are subject to your regional / local dealer inventory. Enter your zip code info at to check availability.


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