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Married? What you need to know to get a better deal on car insurance rates

Marriage can have a huge impact on car insurance premiums. Married couples generally pay less for car insurance than singles. But not always. If you're married, here is what you need to know.

You may be eligible for some additional discounts when you are married. However, if your spouse has a poor driving history or low credit score your rates may actually increase. Here's what you need to know to get the best car insurance deals when you are married and make sure both partners have the right coverage.

When to combine your policies or keep them separate.

You can have your own car and a separate auto insurance policy when you are single. You must decide whether you want to combine your policies or keep them separate. Here are some options for getting auto insurance when married:

Yes! If you are both safe drivers, with good credit combine your coverage into one policy.

No! If either of you has had a recent accident or bad credit keep your policies separate if one of you has a recent claim or bad credit (but list both of you as drivers on each policy to meet insurance requirements). If one of you has a bad driving situation (multiple DUI SR-22) or low credit but still wants a policy: Combine your coverage into one policy with the specified driver exception for the spouse at risk. Credit history or driving history knowing that you cannot make exemptions and that an exempt driver can never drive your car.

Insurance companies typically require policyholders to include all licensed drivers in their homes in their policy because these people will usually have access to your vehicles, but this can vary by state.

If one spouse has a bad driving record or has a low credit score and will not drive the car the premiums may be lower if they are excluded from the insurance policy. We recommend that you purchase the coverage you need no more or less.

After deciding which of these scenarios is best for your situation it is time to get quotes as each insurer may treat your situation somewhat differently and have different rates. Use this link to get quotes from multiple insurers quickly and easily.

Car insurance average discounts by state for Married couples


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